amaranthine_7 (amaranthine_7) wrote in the_pretender,

Rewatch ?

Hello everyone,

I was thinking of doing a rewatch of the show. In spite of all the years that have gone by I still love this show so much and wanted to see it again in its entirety and in the right order. So I was thinking of doing a complete rewatch of it for once, and not just randomly watch various episodes.

And then I thought it would be more fun to do it with other people and discuss the episodes together. So my question is: would anyone be interested in joining a rewacth community for this show ?

I wouldn't start the rewatch before February (because Christmas time is coming and I'll get busy and then it'll be January and time for the final exams and essays of the semester so no time again) but I'm curious to know if anyone is interested in this idea?

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