lafleurdumal (lafleurdumal_gs) wrote in the_pretender,

FanVid - Ode To The Center

Music : Pump It - Black Eyed Peas
Spoilers : Everything
Notes : Because this place is crazy, and I love it. Hope you enjoy it too.

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You make The Centre look like fun! :-)
Fantastic job! ♥
Thank you so much for sharing!
(Man, I really need to re-watch this show.)
I'm glad you liked it! I had a lot of fun putting it together.
Haven't seen a good Pretender video in a long time. This was great, I love so much about it! I saw a lot of scenes I don't even remember (I really need to rewatch) as well as tons of scenes I love. I also really liked the last scene with Jarod at the very end, worked well.
Thank you! I'm glad you think the last scene worked, I wasn't sure about it at first.
Great video - there were some clips in there I'd forgotten about!
Thank you!